Follow up – Microsoft’s customer service shines through

well, what brilliant customer experience I’ve had as a developer supported by the team over the recent CDN issue.  Firstly, @ericnel has been tip top – contacting me via DM to try a few things to start with, but once the issue was resolved, phoning me to talk through the issue and the resolution, and highlighting why it shouldn’t happen again – fantastic!  Also had a message from @swalther from the ASP.NET letting me know the problem had been escalated and would give feedback once they knew more.

First real time I’ve needed feedback from Microsoft on an issue (I have to generate a business case on why we should use the CDN now) so to get that feedback quickly and with clarity is ace – cheers fellas!

Microsoft – Why do you make it so difficult to love you?

I was loving the performance/ping rates we were getting from testing the Microsoft Ajax CDN (jquery) over Google’s. 

Then at about 10:39am GMT today, I noticed as I was dev’ing a page that my jquery niceness had stopped functioning.  Didn’t take long to see that the jquery library had become a blank document (both http and https).  I wasn’t the only one to notice it, but oddly, there wasn’t as much of an outcry on twitter as I’d have expected – am I one of only a few using it?

It took me long enough to get work to switch over to the CDN from Google’s.  I had to roll back to googles while it was down (about 40-45mins), and it’s going to take a stupidly strong business case to convince them to trust it again 🙁

Damn you Microsoft, at times you make it so difficult to be a fanboy!