We’re hiring (again!)

We’re looking for 1 developer to join a growing team in Sunderland who support and build software for tombola bingo – currently the UKs largest online bingo site.  We’ve branched out into italy, spain and elsewhere which has seen significant expansion to the team.  We are looking to place the developers within the web team.

There are 13 of us on the web team, and we are developers who love to be good at what we do – we’re passionate about delivering quality and are looking for likeminded people.

We don’t score too badly on the joel test or by others’ standards

  • We use subversion for source control
    We realise that some people would have us apologise for this, though we’re going to debate the use of dvcs soon and svn works (most of the time) for us
  • We have made our own custom build scripts with msbuild
    And although we don’t yet practice continuous deployment, we’re not that far off.  We’re also playing with psake as a replacement for msbuild. 
  • We don’t make daily builds, but we do have team city
    We use it actively for deployments/testing/automated smoke testing and are constantly improving, looking at code quality metrics etc.
  • We do have a bug database and we try to fix bugs before writing new code
    You know how it is… Winking smile
  • We employ scrum/kanban to manage our projects
    We do dailies, we work to (generally) two week sprints, we use scrumwise and trello to help with the overall picture and we’re big fans of the transparency and flexibility of agile.
  • We do regular code reviews and mentoring
    If you have a skills shortfall, chances are someone has it and will be willing to support
  • We talk a lot
    We all get stuck, we all need to bounce ideas off people, we all need opinions from time to time.  As a team, we talk to each other a lot to resolve difficulties or just get a perspective on potential solutions
  • We grok good software design principles
    We may not always apply all of the SOLID principles, and our code isn’t littered with “cool design pattern X”, but we know how and when to apply these and our codebase stands up well to scrutiny
  • We have people who have personal/play projects, and we love that
    Time is always hectic in the office, though we do our best to support anyone with an idea and we love that we have devs who are passionate about their career

the role

The role is primarily for C# asp.net MVC developers with the usual skillset: asp.net MVC 4 (or 5, 3 or 2!), decent HTML/javascript/CSS skills, decent SQL/NoSQL skills, and some understanding of some of the above bullets would make you stand out. 

With the expansion of the company, there are always opportunities to get into new technology too, and we’re always playing with new stuff – HTML5 for games is a hot topic at the moment (and all of the associated technologies), social media (ewww, we all hate that term, but you know what we mean!).

The only real caveat aside from the above is that you must be passionate about what you do – you will obviously want to make good software, and want to work with people who enjoy doing the same.

Salaries for the roles are competitive (and negotiable) and based upon experience.

get in touch for a chat

If any of the above sounds interesting, or you have any questions, please get in touch.  We’re pretty nice guys/girls and if that’s as far as it goes, at least we’ll have had a chance to meet you and you us Smile

Contact either myself, Terry Brown – Project Lead, @terry_brown, 07968 765 139)

or Ian Walshaw – Operations Manager, @ian_walshaw1973, 07850 507 629)

No Agencies

Guys, we have a preferred supplier list (who will also be looking for the above), please don’t contact us if you’re not on it – it’ll only piss us off.