We’re hiring, and we quite like .net developers

I normally wouldn’t use my blog for this sort of thing, though we don’t really have an outlet on our corporate site, so this is the easiest place to do it.  I quite like working at my employer, so thought I’d use this as one of the channels to get the job advertised – I’ve tweeted about it too, please RT if you see it!

We’re hiring, and unlike expensify, we do really quite like .net developers.  We do our best to ‘do good things’, and although we don’t pass the joel test, a score of roughly 7ish with an aim to improve upon our build automation/daily builds/continuous deployment means that I personally find it a good place to work and learn a lot.  There is a team here who care about the work they undertake, they try to learn from one another, and they do their best to leave the code base in a better state than when they found it…

We like to attend UK Developer community events (@NEBytes, @DeveloperDay, @scottishdevs, etc.) and try to better ourselves in any way we can find.

Who are we?

We’re an online bingo company based in Sunderland, though I wouldn’t let any of that put you off Winking smile  Bingo isn’t my life, though as with any business, you can love the job without having to love the subject matter…

There’s a decent sized team here – 8 .net devs (2 ‘game’ guys, 6 web app), infrastructure team (5), flash/client team (5), and a creative team (4) all contribute so it’s a pretty good place to bounce ideas.

We’re re-architecting the current site (MVC3 front end, business/data access tier, DI/IoC, Linq, distributed caching) and that will be going live fairly soon. 

We’re moving into Europe with similar technology and this role would focus on the delivery of that.

The job spec – verbatim

Job Summary

In order to support the growing business, new developers will be required to work on projects building all new website applications for the UK and future European businesses.

Job Responsibilities & Tasks:

A technical specialist within the tombola Operations team, focusing on providing:

  • Website application development.
  • Backend application development.
  • SQL development.
  • Problem and Incident management.
  • Support and maintenance of existing software
  • Keep abreast of industry developments in the technical arena and make recommendations to management where appropriate.


  • Website application development.
  • Developing applications for Windows based systems and Web Applications using IIS 7+.
  • Developing applications accessing an SQL Server backend.
  • Object Oriented programming and design.
  • Visual Studio


  • C#
  • TSQL
  • ASP.NET MVC 3 / 2
  • JavaScript / jQuery
  • Ajax
  • LINQ
  • Internationalisation of .net apps
  • Continuous Integration / Build Management
  • Understanding of theory and application of design patterns


  • Must be passionate about their chosen career path, you’ll be working with people that love what they do – you should too.
  • Must have strong team working and communication skills as well as being confident in working alone.
  • Must be able to work well under pressure, and meet deadlines.
  • Must be highly motivated.
  • Must have good time management skills and be able to multi-task.

Details, details?

We’re looking for 2 people, and salary range will very much depend upon skillset but realistically we’re looking at £30-35k.


Please get in touch with me initially on twitter and I’ll give you corporate email addresses to find out more.