Microsoft – Why do you make it so difficult to love you?

I was loving the performance/ping rates we were getting from testing the Microsoft Ajax CDN (jquery) over Google’s. 

Then at about 10:39am GMT today, I noticed as I was dev’ing a page that my jquery niceness had stopped functioning.  Didn’t take long to see that the jquery library had become a blank document (both http and https).  I wasn’t the only one to notice it, but oddly, there wasn’t as much of an outcry on twitter as I’d have expected – am I one of only a few using it?

It took me long enough to get work to switch over to the CDN from Google’s.  I had to roll back to googles while it was down (about 40-45mins), and it’s going to take a stupidly strong business case to convince them to trust it again 🙁

Damn you Microsoft, at times you make it so difficult to be a fanboy!